Tuesday, November 1, 2005

What did members say?

iceage[11:33:19 AM]: today is my first day here and I am happy with the return

Andy[11:34:52 AM]: the first day for me too, I am satisfied with 3%

angelaw[11:34:35 AM]: took profit on isrg too. I am exhausted today. but 5k income one day, worth it.

tanghuanqiu[12:55:32 PM]: teacher, i have confidence on you.

Ashy[12:19:45 PM]: I have made statistik closed trades till 1. nov. +34,97% ,not bad.

angelaw[11:38:37 AM]: I have been benefiting a lot from the ucla since I join him. His analysis of the
angelaw[11:40:36 AM]: market trend has been giving me a sense for trading every day. In other words,
angelaw[11:41:00 AM]: I am leaning to buy, sell, hold stocks or just sitting back to watch the market
angelaw[11:41:16 AM]: at a different circumstance.
angelaw[11:41:27 AM]: His selection of stocks basically has a
angelaw[11:41:40 AM]: aggressively increase above 5-12%, which give you enough space to play around
angelaw[11:41:49 AM]: If you catch it at a right timing, you can be comfortable to run
angelaw[11:42:01 AM]: back and forth a couple of times per day. Some recommended stocks show a
angelaw[11:42:17 AM]: weak sign one day , but they will be back soon at other day. Such as ffive, wfmi.
angelaw[11:42:26 AM]: I am so glad to have chance to learn from UCLA , in other word, I am so happy to
angelaw[11:42:39 AM]: make money under his guide. Thank UCLA very much
uclatrad[11:43:58 AM]: u r very welcome, angela
uclatrad[11:44:08 AM]: thank u for the nice words

Ashy[11:45:04 AM]: I see for the profit I need 10 trades, you make it with one trade
Ashy[11:45:31 AM]: minimum less work

angelabw: wow... I should add more. Thank u very much. within 30 min, it is increased $5.

poohpigletxi: ok sold asei,ucla, your cool.
poohpigletxi: you are too cool!

ashy1_1: since first november till yesterday closed trades (with adding) +37,96%

angelabw: sold yhoo at $41. profit is $2.72 /shares( more than 5%) within 4 days. where is Ali? He should sing , " sing a song".... Thanks UT again.

jkl1027: selling some yahoo, 8% profit, thanks

ashy1_1: ok in november I bot almost every stock what U T recommend
ashy1_1: why? simple ,it works!!!

poohpigletxi: teacher, thanks for all of your picks.all goes my way

poohpigletxi: MASTER, all of your calls are doing superb today.

andyoung: I am almost follow every pick
uclatrader: improved your performance since u joined us?
andyoung: 100 shares each
andyoung: yes, thanks a olt, UT
andyoung: lot

poohpigletxi: 120 is not big deal
poohpigletxi: only couple of dinner outside
uclatrader: yes
uclatrader: not so many ppl think like u
poohpigletxi: i wish i knew you earlier

uclatrader: XI, SELL HALF NICH
poohpigletxi: OK
andyoung: wow
andyoung: unblievable

(7:06 AM) poohpigletxi: You are true master!u gave me the confidence when it went down yesterday.thank u!

(10:18 AM) poohpigletxi: I AM SO PROUD OF YOUR WORKS

Mike: all YOUR picks are very good;

Brian Riley: thanks UT for all the great picks

poohpiglet1st: master, ur picks all work out beautifully

Andy888young: today is one of those good days

Andy888young: I am doing well so far this month
Andy888young: >8% gain
uclatrader: nice
uclatrader: which stocks made u money?
Andy888young: most from shorting hans, ffiv and long from grow
uclatrader: great!!!

Great call on LWAY and the other picks too.
man you rock.
Sold half of LWAY and holding the other half for sometime looks like a
good long term prospect and it crossed 15 so might be a IBD 100


Hello, Sir:

I am not trying to flatter you or anything. But you are truly doing a great job in making this newsletter worth its cost. I like your "Some good escapes" post a lot. It's an honest reflection on the mistakes/close-calls/good judgements you've made, and that says a lot about your character. As an investor/trader, I am always trying to do my own homework when it comes to what to invest on. But your guidance has been a great source in filtering out the good candidates and it's certainly very much appreciated in such a volatile market right now.

Please keep up the good work, and the best regards.

yuanyuan yu

You have had some impecable picks lately

Just want to thank you for your picks and the knowledge that I have gained
from you


Hello Uclatrader,

I love your subscription service. Keep up the good work. You are truely brillant and have guided me through this volatile market. I have lost so much money in the past few months and you have taught me a lot. At least I am starting to make my money now with your newsletter. Thank you.


my portfolio is up 8% since I joined less then month ago. Thankyou


I have learned a freaking lot from your picks and your trading style.
Thanks for all the hard work you put in for guys like us.


Hello sir,

I just traded for the first time on your charts (long RIMM 135.8 but took an early profit at 138.8) and just wanted to drop you a thank-you note for the great tip.

I am looking forward to receiving your future emails.

Thanks so much.


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