Monday, October 31, 2005


The green arrow was my buy pt.


The green arrow was my point.


The green arrow was my buy point.

Try my platinum service for $40

I decide to open a one week trial for platinum service, for as low as $40. Hurry, sign up now. The market is on fire!


I recommended NWRE more than a week ago at $16 area.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Trading record

I just updated the October trading record. Lots of trades, tough market.


BEXP was featured in my newsletter two days ago.


Sorry for the late update. I was busy with my personal stuff. The semiconductor index has brought the bulls some headache, but it is having an incredible comeback. As I said before, we are in the process of bottom building. Don't panic, you will never make money in panic.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Update: CRDN

Remember what I said about CRDN yesterday?
You should be glad by now.


The weakness continues as the semiconductors is dragging down the Nasdaq. But look at the internet index and the banks, I think the bulls may have a chance by the end of the day.


ARBA was featured in my newsletter earlier this week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Update: AX


Traders should take some profit off the table, the earning is coming out soon.


I mentioned in the chat room couple of days ago.


Most of indecis are in green this morning. I continue to like this market.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Strong close

Weak open, strong close; bullish action, typical bull market behavior. I like it.


It was featured in my newsletter two day ago.


This morning the market faces some profit taking, which is absolutely normal after several days' advances. I am not in a hurry to "all in", as I am still concerned by the semiconductor index that is trying to build a bottom.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Another pick from last night. It is rocking!


It was featured in my last night's newsletter as well.


A pick from last week, rewarding us pretty well so far.


It was featured in my newsletter last night.


It was one of my intraday pick on last Friday. Up another 5% this morning.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chat room

Due to the increasing numbers of platinum service users, I opened a chat room last week to replace the MSN chat. This way, I think I can offer a better quality service to our members. Also the members can gain positive experience from each other.

Trading record

I just updated October trading record. This week, I had some small losses due to the market volatility, which I forgive myself. After the market bottom is in, I believe I can do much better.

Friday, October 21, 2005


The information technology sector is showing the leadership, which is why I remain bullish on the market overall. I think the volatility is just part of bottom process.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another reversal?

Today it is ugly. We give back all we had from yesterday. Difference? Techs are holding better. I guess I have to wait for tomorrow to change my stance again:)

Update: MEDI

Target hit.


It was featured in my newsletter last night.


In the last post, I said I liked the action, but I didn't expect we had a such strong reversal. I am back to the bull camp, officially.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Better action

I like today's action. The Nasdaq is down a tiny 3 points. The important banking index is holding very well. I think the bull may get a chance.

Update: TEVA

TEVA rocks in a bad environment.

Update: LSWN

It continues its recent strength.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


TEVA continues its recovery.


Breaking out big time intrady, mentioned over MSN this morning.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Facing resistance

After last week's rally, the market is facing some profit taking. I don't recommend traders to bet the farm here. We are not out of the woods yet.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Trading record updated

The October trading record is just updated. I did very well this week, both shorts and longs. And only two losing trades.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Mentioned over MSN this morning.


Mentioned over MSN this morning.


Mentioned over MSN this morning. More upside ahead.


The market is trying to continues yesterday's momentum, so far the result is pretty weak, though we still remain green. I still see this as a sucker rally, with it in mind, traders should have quick fingers on the longs and do not hesitate taking profit.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Is this the bottom?

Honestly I don't know. I am closing some of my long positions I bought this morning. Even though I am happy to see some relieve, I still treat it as a sucker rally as right now.

Update: semiconductor index

Remember what I said yesterday about this tech index?
It is up over 2% now. Nice!


It was featured in my newsletter last night.


It was featured in my newsletter last night.


I brought this one up as well over MSN.


I brought it up over MSN this morning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Some subscribers complained before that I barely recommended shorting. The reason? Because we had been in a bull market till recently, in which the pullback is normal. There is no reason to short a bull market, which I think it is stupid and suicidal. But this week is different. All my recommendations have been shorts and they are all profitable. I hope now they understand my strategy a little bit more. A stock, which does not go up today, does not mean it will go down tomorrow. Remember, trading is not that easy; it is not just black or white.

Update: semiconductor index

It is approaching the support quickly. Bounce, anyone?


I recommended it as a short yesterday over MSN. Target 100.

Covering some shorts

Even though the market is still weak, I don't suggest any new short positions. Instead, I am covering some of my shorts, because I think the market is due for a bounce. We are in an oversold territory.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Lower prices seems waiting for GOOG.

More weakness ahead

I can't smell a thing bullish. No bottom yet. Avoid this market.

Monday, October 10, 2005


The semiconductor index is close to breakdown, which often leads the Nasdaq.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Past trades for the October, 2005

bot desc @ 7.74, sold @ 8.75, net 13%
bot redf @ 15.18, sold @ 15.9, net 5%
bot redf @ 15.18, sold @ 17.53, net 15%
bot redf @ 15.18, sold @ 17.9, net 18%
bot jcom @ 40.78, sold @ 39.53, net (3%)
bot lm @ 109.68, sold @ 108.91, net (1%)
bot uthr @ 71.07, sold @ 70.47, net (1%)
bot cmed @ 22.5, sold @ 23.9, net 6%
bot cmed @ 23.51, sold @ 24.8, net 5%
bot smsc @ 30.08, sold @ 29.6, net (2%)
bot iiji @ 10.14, sold @ 10.15, net 0%
bot cnvr @ 14.5, sold @ 14.19, net (2%)
bot mgn @ 6.85, sold @ 6.6, net (4%)
bot gold @ 16.1, sold @ 15.5, net (4%)
short goog @ 311.07, cover @ 303.18, net 3%
short shld @ 118.96, cover @ 116.2, net 2%
short aapl @ 50.61, cover @ 47.99, net 5%
short vlo @ 107.46, cover @ 100.1, net 7%
short aapl @ 49.21, cover @ 50.53, net (3%)
bot rbak @ 10.1, sold @ 10.1, net 0%
bot amln @ 34.31, sold @ 35.9, net 5%
bot lrcx @ 32.17, sold @ 33.73, net 5%
bot amln @ 35.4, sold @ 36.15, net 2%
bot cme @ 290.55, sold @ 310, net 7%
bot bcrx @ 15.35, sold @ 16.8, net 9%
bot bcrx @ 15.32, sold @ 14.9, net (3%)
bot bcrx @ 15.3, sold @ 16.8, net 10%
bot medi @ 32.57, sold @ 32.61, net 0%
bot crdn @ 37.16, sold @ 38.01, net 2%
bot ngas @ 12.25, sold @ 13, net 6%
bot rhat @ 21.21, sold @ 20.985, net (1%)
bot lwsn @ 7.21, sold @ 7.42, net 3%
bot bbbb @ 25.15, sold @ 26.46, net 5%
bot tomo @ 17.1, sold @ 19.155, net 12%
bot rhat @ 21.5, sold @ 21.25, net (1%)
bot bbbb @ 26.65, sold @ 27.04, net 1%
bot teva @ 34.7, sold @ 35.01, net 1%
bot leap @ 34.55, sold @ 34.24, net (1%)
bot bcrx @ 15.42, sold @ 15.35, net (0%)
bot ctxs @ 26.29, sold @ 25.97, net (1%)
bot holx @ 54.75, sold @ 53.94, net (1%)
bot ntrs @ 51.76, sold @ 52.22, net 1%
bot jcom @ 40.5, sold @ 43.8, net 8%
bot lrcx @ 33.83, sold @ 34.2, net 1%
bot arba @ 7.09, sold @ 7.12, net 0%
bot arba @ 7.09, sold @ 6.9, net (3%)
bot ctxs @ 26.47, sold @ 26.54, net 0%
bot vclk @ 16.95, sold @ 17.19, net 1%
bot vign @ 16.85, sold @ 17.17, net 2%
bot redf @ 18.5, sold @ 19.49, net 5%
bot akam @ 17.45, sold @ 17.16, net (2%)
bot cnqr @ 13.58, sold @ 13.35, net (2%)
bot sbac @ 16.05, sold @ 15.52, net (3%)
bot anst @ 30.28, sold @ 30.89, net 2%
bot ntri @ 29.2, sold @ 30.81, net 6%
bot amln @ 36.93, sold @ 37.51, net 2%
bot issx @ 25.33, sold @ 24.1, net (5%)
bot wbsn @ 57.22, sold @ 58.4, net 2%
bot ffiv @ 49.35, sold @ 51.32, net 4%
bot crdn @ 39.31, sold @ 41.47, net 5%
bot actg @ 6.47, sold @ 6.28, net (3%)
bot dgin @ 29.04, sold @ 29.2, net 0%
bot bcrx @ 16.04, sold @ 15, net (6%)

Friday, October 7, 2005


The market is trying to bounce. If you still have open long positions, I would suggest get out using this rally. I don't think the decline has finished yet.

Thursday, October 6, 2005


The market continues its selloff this morning. Most of stocks I watch are in red. I am surprised to see GOOG and CME holding so well. The financials are holding as well. I think we might have a chance to reverse the decline.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


The market extends yesterday's weakness. If we close like right now, I would get sell signals across the board, which would force me back on the sideline.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

What is swing trading

According to Philip Gotthelf, who has a very well written article about daytrading in the current issue of SFO, swing trading "involves identifying swing points that usually are based on a momentum-exhaustion theory". He outlines a stock movement containing five phases: ignition, acceleration, deceleration, consolidation, and reversing.

For me, I see consolidation, acceleration, consolidation again, and reversing. Regardless the number of phases, as a swing trader, all I need to do is to identify the consolidation (the longer, the better), to jump on the board when it is about to accelerate to the upside, to jump off the train when it is about to consolidate its recent gain.

I am a swing trader. Are you? If you want to become a trader, you have to find out what type of trader you are or you want to be. The sooner, the better. There is no good or bad. Just find one that fits your personality best. Like music, some people love classical, some people prefer heavy metal; one is not superior than the other.

Me? Intraday trading requires me to be attached to the monitor for too long; long term investing needs me to study too much fundamental information that I can't find any truth within the data. So I stick to my favorite: swing trading.


I am a little disappointed that we can not have a strong followthrough since we have a weaker energy price today. Maybe we are not ready yet, we need more time. The key is still on financials, which fall to the low quickly.

Update: Crude oil

Crude oil looks like breaking down, which will be super bullish for the equity market.

Update: CMED

I brought it up over MSN yesterday at the green arrow, I think it is time to take some profit.


I recommended it yesterday. The green arrow was my buy point.


I recommended it two days ago at the green arrow.


I am watching the banking index closely. If it can go above 97.5, I think it is safe to say long heavily in the market.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Refund policy

1. I offer a free two-week trial for the first time subscribers.

2. Please think very carefully BEFORE pressing the PAYPAL button, absolutely NO REFUND of the current subscription;

3. But I will definitely stop billing you the next cycle, if you want to cancel the service.

4. After you cancel the service, you will not be able to receive the remaining issues. So please cancel it near the end of billing cycle.

Update: DESC

I am taking profit on DESC.


It was featured in my newsletter last night. Breaking out today.


HAWK is still strong after the breakout.

Waiting for the financial

The financial is still building base while others are trying hard to take off. Look at semiconductors and biotechs. As soon as the financial bounces its support, I think the Nasdaq will break out to the upside. The leading sectors will be semiconductors, biotechs and internet.


I just recommeded it this morning at $22.6 over MSN.


It was my Friday's recommendation over MSN.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

September trading record

I just updated my September trading record. I have to admit that I did not get entirely away from the market. Oh well, maybe for couple of hours. The reason? Because the individual stocks kept breaking out while the major indices were still in bad shape. I exchanged my frustration with the subscribers and said that with so many breakout to the upside, the market might have hard time to break down. So I jumped in with very tight stop and caught two big winners: REDF and AMLN. MNTA could do better, sold half at the top of the range, stop loss the rest as it went back to the breakingout point.