Tuesday, May 31, 2005


It is end of month again. Some individual movers showed incredible strength in today's session. I have no doubt that markup is having some effect on them. So don't be surprised to see them come back down tomorrow or later this week.

Update: VRSN

It was mentioned over MSN last week. Kinda slow though. Posted by Hello

Bonus: RIMM

Free real time pick of the day. Posted by Hello

Update: AQNT

Posted by Hello

Update: BOOM

Posted by Hello


GEOI continues last Friday's momentum. Posted by Hello

Weak open

The indices are taking a rest this morning that doesn't stop the individual momentum plays. They are on fire now, including IIJI, ABLE, GEOI, SNHY, GOOG, RIMM. The investors are taking advantage of any dips we have and bidding up the stocks.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Past trades for the week May 23rd

bot goog @ 243.57, sold @ 250.12, net 3%
bot shld @ 144.47, sold @ 147.01, net 2%
bot boom @ 33.32, sold @ 35.51, net 6%
bot boom @ 35.24, sold @ 36.5, net 4%
bot ntli @ 63.93, sold @ 63.43, net (1%)
bot plab @ 22.72, sold @ 22.75, net 0%
bot boom @ 38.67, sold @ 39.15, net 2%
bot able @ 12.1, sold @ 12.8, net 6%
bot able @ 14, sold @ 14.81, net 5%
bot snda @ 34.97, sold @ 35.36, net 1%
bot boom @ 39.66, sold @ 42.2, net 6%
bot orct @ 22.91, sold @ 24.1, net 5%
bot ivii @ 15.09, sold @ 14.99, net (1%)
bot shld @ 150.6, sold @ 149.4, net (1%)
bot pact @ 8.13, sold @ 7.99, net (2%)
bot lkqx @ 23.69, sold @ 24.61, net 4%
bot vphm @ 4.16, sold @ 4.45, net 7%
bot artc @ 32.39, sold @ 31.95, net (1%)
bot goog @ 261.48, sold @ 264.9, net 1%

Weekly commentary

First quarter U.S. GDP was revised upward last week from +3.1% to +3.6%. This marks seven consecutive quarters of 3%-plus GDP growth, the best such run since '83-'86. And yet inflation is well under control. The stock market loves growth without inflation, and that's exactly what we have. This is why I think this one-month-old rally has the potential to go much farther.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Here is something I caught though. Posted by Hello

IIJI intraday

This is 15 min chart. Posted by Hello


Another flier I missed today. Posted by Hello

Update: BSTE

Ugly bar today, you should honor your stop at $63. Posted by Hello


I am kicking myself for missing the ABLE train. Posted by Hello

A bullish case for GOOG

I am just so surprised to see how bearish investors are feeling on GOOG. Every investors I talked to are saying GOOG's price is too high, it can not maintain this price, it will fall eventually. Blah, blah, blah. I said, this one is going HIGHER, MUCH HIGHER. The reason, because you guys dare not chase it; because in the stock market most people are wrong. Look at the chart, it is less 1% below its all time high. This is STRENGTH. You don't want it, give it to me. Now, I am back to bullish camp on GOOG. And I am proud of it.


Due to the holiday, most traders are taking today off already. Only small traders, you and me, are left. Some profit taking is happening now, which is totally normal before the long weekend and after the big run up we have had.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Update: Russell 200 index

If Russell 2000 stalls right here earlier next week, that is coinciding with Semiconductor index at the resistance as well. Posted by Hello

Update: semiconductors

Semi approaching resistance. Posted by Hello

Update: PNRA

Raise stop to $62. Posted by Hello

Update: KBH

Another homebuilder. Posted by Hello

Update: TOL

Homebuilders are the leaders of the day. Posted by Hello

Update: NDAQ

Impressive uptrend. Posted by Hello


Winner of last night. Posted by Hello

Strong open

The market opened strongly this morning. Now traders on the sidelines have to pay up for the stocks. I guess a squeeze play is happening now and tomorrow. Remember the next Monday is a holiday. So buying frenzy is going on.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


BOOM is on the way to $50. Posted by Hello

Slow day

It is a slow day that makes me sleepy. The market is broadly lower but the pullback has come amid below average volume. It is lack of buying interest as this point.


Even though overall market is soft, but it doesn't stop our breakout play, BSTE. It was featured in last night's newsletter. Posted by Hello

Crude oil

On daily chart, crude oil bounces off the support. Posted by Hello


The market continues to be in the soft side in the morning. I see red across the board. Don't jump in yet, I would give the market several days to work off the overbought condition.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


it might be a $300 stock, but I certainly will not touch it when I see this bearish stick. Posted by Hello

Crude oil

This is the weekly chart of crude oil, I m neutral to bearish long term on it. Short term I think it possible found bottom here. Posted by Hello


The airlines just look sick. I know some traders are looking hard into it. But I just don't see any potentials from here. Away from it. Posted by Hello


It was caught at yesterday's msn chat. Rally continues. Posted by Hello


This market is so strong, just refuses to come down.


This morning the market has been in a profit taking mode, but not by much. Every pullback meets buyers. Look at GOOG, I feel like I am in late 90's.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Huge breakout on SHLD, it has been featured in my newsletter since last week. Posted by Hello