Friday, March 31, 2006

Trading record just updated

I just updated the March trading record. Obviously I did not do well this week: sold the winners too early when the market was still trying to breakout; trying to find the new leaders but failed after the market broke out. A frustrating week. Maybe the market is telling me something I did not listen. Hmm...

Member's pick: PALM

A member of my platinum service suggested it yesterday at $21.6. Nice!

Member's pick: SABA

This is 15 min intraday chart of SABA, a member recommended it at $6.4.


TOMO acts well since it triggered my buy alert at $23.5.


FMCN finally breaks out, I suggested it in the chat room this morning at $57.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trading record will be ended this month

I will stop posting my trading record by the end of this month, which has lasted for a year. I think I demonstrated my ability of short term trading for living and I already gave out too much. Certainly I will keep posting some of my trades in the blog.


NASDAQ holds pretty well while the DOW is down 60 pts. The bears must be really pressing the button.


BKHM acts well since my buy pt.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Wait? No!!! Can I get trapped? Sure, I might. But with so many stocks breaking out, the possibility is slim. And I love people are not trusting this breakout!!!


It was featured in my newsletter on Monday, now up 10% in 3 days!

Update: NCTY

Up $6 since my first buy pt! That is 26% in 2 weeks!

Buy signal

I just got buy signal, now buying across the board!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


NASDAQ is turning down again at the resistance, which is not a good sign. Certainly it may reverse it to breakup tomorrow, but until it happens, the future does not look good.

Update: DXPE

How about DXPE, up more than $7 or 28% since my buy pt!

Update: LVLT

I would sell LVLT here. 32% profit in 4 days!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Update: RMBS

What about RMBS? $4 above the buy pt.


SOHU continues to rock too. Now 10% above our entry.

Update: GRMN

GRMN continues to rock. Now $13 or 18% return since March 2nd!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Trading record

I just updated my trading record. I have been on fire recently, even though the market in general sucks. As I have kept saying, now it is a stock picker's market, and I am a very good stock picker. Sound too cocky? That is the truth:)


I suggested it this morning at $4.4 in the chat room.

Update: NCTY

I recommended the platinum members to get in this morning at $25.

Update: LVLT

Sold LVLT this morning. 14% in two days!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


SLAB is closing strong, which triggered our buy signal at $50.7.


I listed it in my newsletter couple of days ago. This morning's open triggered the buy pt.

Update: GIGM

It reported a good earning this morning that caused its gap opening. Sold it before the open.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Even though we had a nasty reversal yesterday, I don't suggest shorting at this level. With the Financials near its high, we are still in a trendless environment; shorting is an unwise action.


I suggested it this morning, more upside.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sorry for being away this morning. I had to take care of some family business. As I kept saying recently, I am not optimistic about the current market. Today's nasty reversal validates my point of view.

Monday, March 20, 2006


GIGM will report the earning Thursday morning. You know how I treat earning plays.


GRMN continues, the green arrows are my buy pts.


The market has not changed much from last week: waiting for the breakout on the NASDAQ. I think now every traders on the planet are waiting for this breakout. More people are watching, more possible it will fake out, more complex the game will become. I am cautious, very cautious at this moment. I am afraid the final breakout may signal the start of down turn.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Trading record

I just updated my March trading record. You can clearly tell my trading style has changed. This week I broke the usual one buy order into small pieces. The reason? Because I don't trust this rally, but I still want to play along. So I used lots of small order to "test water", then scaled in.


Nice move today, I suggested it yesterday in the chat room.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why I choose technical over fundamental?

Who is the most famous fundamentalist now in the whole world? I guess it is Jim Cramer. I have the full respect for this guy, I am not like others trashing him as he is a joke. He is not, actually. I don't think those Jim Cramer hatters have so much power and wisdom if they were placed in his position at Mad Money.

But, sometimes following him blindly could be costly. Let's say SHLD. Jim Cramer has been bullish since Sep last year (maybe even earlier than that, I did not go beyond, I think it made my point), but SHLD has been range bounded until yesterday. If you bought it after a fundamentalist's call, you did not lose much money, but you lost the opportunity cost, the time. You are making zero return, while others making meaningful return on other movers.

On the other hand, a technician can put the money to work yesterday, and has earned 5% by now, without any risks related to SHLD. See the difference?


Now the market. Though I am thrilled by my recent performance, I am not totally happy with the general market, which is led by the traditional sectors other than the techs. Over the, some commentators are projecting a rapid run-up in the near term, which I just can't see it. Without techs' participation, a rally, even it were going to occur, could be short-lived. Just my 2 cents versus some famous gurus.

Update: VTIV

What about VTIV? Over $5 or 18% since my recommendation a week ago.

Update: NVAX

NVAX continues to zoom as well, now up 23% within 3 days!

Update: CTRP

CTRP continues to zoom! Now $13 from my initial buy pt.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This is an intraday chart, 15 min. I recommended it at $128.2 area.

Update: VTIV

How about this? Nice, huh?


My RIMM from last week works out sweet.


The general market is still weak, but some of our individual picks are acting well. For instance, RIMM, GRMN, DXPE, VTIV, NTES. It is a pure stock picker's market.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I suggested it this morning in the Paltalk chat room.


The green arrow is my buy pt.


It was featured in my newsletter last night.

Monday, March 13, 2006


My CTRP has a nice follow through today.


The market continues its rebound from last Friday. The road is tough, but I still think it has more upside before the steam runs out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Trading record for March, 06

bot adam @ 10.07, sold @ 9.63, net (4%)
bot panl @ 14.35, sold @ 15.07, net 5%
bot grmn @ 70.2, sold @ 75.66, net 8%
bot stld @ 49.38, sold @ 47.45, net (4%)
bot redf @ 26.34, sold @ 25.93, net (2%)
bot pdli @ 31.79, sold @ 30.44, net (4%)
bot elmg @ 18.5, sold @ 17.67, net (4%)
bot rimm @ 81.89, sold @ 80.52, net (2%)
bot asei @ 82.51, sold @ 84.66, net 3%
bot qcom @ 49.08, sold @ 49.26, net 0%
bot rimm @ 80.46, sold @ 80.52, net 0%
bot redf @ 26.34, sold @ 25.37, net (4%)
bot elmg @ 18.5, sold @ 17.99, net (3%)
bot pdli @ 32.67, sold @ 31.99, net (2%)
bot adam @ 9.68, sold @ 10.18, net 5%
bot vtiv @ 28.74, sold @ 29.26, net 2%
bot ctrp @ 74.6, sold @ 80, net 7%
bot ctrp @ 78.57, sold @ 80.12, net 2%
bot asei @ 85.54, sold @ 89.51, net 5%
bot ctl @ 37, sold @ 37.16, net 0%
bot rimm @ 80.21, sold @ 80.7, net 1%
bot spls @ 24.55, sold @ 24.68, net 1%
bot tivo @ 6.19, sold @ 6.64, net 7%
bot nvax @ 6.02, sold @ 6.93, net 15%
bot spls @ 24.83, sold @ 24.66, net (1%)
bot vtiv @ 29.4, sold @ 29.26, net (1%)
bot ctrp @ 78.57, sold @ 80.75, net 3%
bot bwng @ 12.6, sold @ 11.92, net (7%)
bot bwng @ 12.6, sold @ 12.37, net (2%)
bot cree @ 30.47, sold @ 30.49, net 0%
bot rimm @ 82.31, sold @ 84.92, net 3%
bot asei @ 84.9, sold @ 89.2, net 5%
bot asei @ 85.28, sold @ 89.2, net 5%
bot scmr @ 5.08, sold @ 4.97, net (2%)
bot rimm @ 82.59, sold @ 84.92, net 3%
bot asei @ 95.95, sold @ 89.2, net 4%
bot grmn @ 75.44, sold @ 76.35, net 1%
bot grmn @ 75.73, sold @ 76.73, net 1%
bot shld @ 129.65, sold @ 135.57, net 5%
bot shld @ 128.88, sold @ 135.57, net 5%
bot rimm @ 84.79, sold @ 85.55, net 1%
bot shld @ 130.07, sold @ 135.25, net 4%
bot shld @ 130.07, sold @ 135.57, net 4%
bot tivo @ 6.48, sold @ 6.64, net 2%
bot oplk @ 17.84, sold @ 17.4, net (2%)
bot ncty @ 22.89, sold @ 24.8, net 8%
bot ctrp @ 81.43, sold @ 81.39, net (0%)
bot fmcn @ 56.95, sold @ 56.01, net (2%)
bot shld @ 134.99, sold @ 138.5, net 3%
bot rmbs @ 33.87, sold @ 33.53, net (1%)
bot asei @ 90.5, sold @ 90.42, net (0%)
bot tscm @ 8.05, sold @ 7.59, net (6%)
bot lmnx @ 14.8, sold @ 14.66, net (1%)
bot grmn @ 77.58, sold @ 78.13, net 1%
bot gigm @ 4.8, sold @ 6.66, net 39%
bot kndl @ 33.25, sold @ 31.4, net (6%)
bot rhat @ 29.22, sold @ 29.04, net (1%)
bot bwng @ 12.78, sold @ 14.45, net 13%
bot rmbs @ 34.81, sold @ 36.4, net 5%
bot sohu @ 23.15, sold @ 23.85, net 3%
bot pwei @ 26.75, sold @ 26.2, net (2%)
bot nich @ 8.2, sold @ 7.83, net (5%)
bot lvlt @ 3.75, sold @ 4.4, net 14%
bot sohu @ 24.12, sold @ 23.85, net (1%)
bot fmcn @ 56.95, sold @ 55.19, net (3%)
short ceph @ 68.3, cover @ 62.49, net 9%
bot ncty @ 24.98, sold @ 26.99, net 8%
bot rmbs @ 36.65, sold @ 37.17, net 1%
bot sohu @ 24.27, sold @ 24.25, net (0%)
bot fmcn @ 56.95, sold @ 54.02, net (5%)
bot oplk @ 18.2, sold @ 17.41, net (4%)
bot nich @ 8.24, sold @ 8.59, net 4%
bot nich @ 8.3, sold @ 8.09, net (3%)
bot shld @ 132.93, sold @ 131, net (1%)
bot slab @ 50.61, sold @ 51.25, net 1%
bot pwei @ 26.95, sold @ 27.7, net 3%
bot sohu @ 24.27, sold @ 24.25, net 0%
bot china @ 4.4, sold @ 4.44, net 1%
bot bits @ 8.33, sold @ 7.83, net (6%)
bot mrvc @ 4.34, sold @ 4.31, net (0%)
bot cnxt @ 3.41, sold @ 3.44, net 1%
bot lmnx @ 15.19, sold @ 14.95, net (2%)
bot liox @ 8.53, sold @ 8.23, net (4%)
bot rmbs @ 38.95, sold @ 39.81, net 2%
bot palm @ 21.36, sold @ 21.33, net (0%)
bot rimm @ 84, sold @ 84.85, net 1%
bot ntes @ 23.71, sold @ 23.95, net 1%
bot asei @ 91.16, sold @ 91.5, net 0%

Dell technical support!!!!

Friday afternoon, I was surprised to see a Dell technician show up at my door, who came up a day earlier than I expected. He checked and switched the hard drive twice, since one of them had gone bad. I asked him if he would help me set up the raid. He answered he only took care of the hardware part. That is OK, I get friends who can help me. So he left. I connected cable, and discovered.....

The Dell technician did not install the new harddrive in my computer, he took it away with him. My computer is still the same, still running the same error message.

I am so pissed. First of all, if he set up the raid, he would discover I still have the wrong harddrive in my computer. His excuse about hardware and software was so lame. Imagine bringing your car to a shop to change an engine. The technician gave you a new engine and told you to install it yourself. So ridiculous. Secondly, if the Dell guy were not so careless, were more responsible for his works, this would not happen. I know it was Friday, he wanted to rush home, but he should take care of his works first. Or he'd better come over next business day, which would produce a more efficient result.

I am so disappointed by Dell.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Taking some longs

I am taking some longs, just for a trade. I bought CTRP, RIMM this morning.


The market is bouncing hard as I type, which is why I did not suggest pressing short too much. Though it is still early, I do think we will close higher today.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Speaking of external harddrive

I am buying this monster to be my back up: Maxtor OneTouch II


Sorry for the lack of posts. First because of the slower market, which is a poison for me, a momentum player. Secondly, my PC crashed recently, I am busy to recover the data. Now I regret I did not have a external hard drive backing it up.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


The Nasdaq has been in a sideway market since end of November. Now it is in danger of breaching the support, which will lead to a selloff to 2100

Today's market

I think Alan Farley concluded today's market very well with one sentence "the major indices are still trading within four-month sideways patterns that could eventually mark a major top, but that hasn’t happened yet."

That is why I don't suggest shorting aggressively right now.


Although the market is on the weak side now, it is not time to rush into shorts. Our breakout failed, but it does not mean they will go down instead. Some amateurs think longs are not working, why not just go short? Things are not so easy as it seems. I think we are in a trendless market. If you go short too early, you will be stopped out earlier than you think.


The market continues to pullback, all the major sectors I watch are red, except the Bank index.

Monday, March 6, 2006


I am disappointed by the weakness that the techs are showing. The semiconductors are challenging the low from last week. Look at the volume of QQQQ, the volume on the down days is obviously running heavier than the up days. Sign of weakness. Caution should be warranted.

Update: GRMN

I am taking some profit here.

Sunday, March 5, 2006


Talking about cars? Check out this.
I guess it is not everyone who are capable of driving an Enzo.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Billionaires' cars

Check out top 10 vehicles owned by billionaires.
I second-think why we make money for. Just to be named on that list? I guess I have to reach that level to understand their thinkings.

Trading record has been updated

I just updated my February trading record. I did lots of trades this week, most of them are small gains and losses, but I did catch ASEI trade, which was a heavy position for me and produced a nice profit. I need to have a better exit plan though, I exited that position a little bit earlier.

Friday, March 3, 2006


Remember what I said about the Newworker in February?
Now check it out today's chart!
The green arrows are the days I made comments on the Networkers.



Thursday, March 2, 2006

Update: ASEI

It continues to charge ahead. As I expected, it could go to $89, which is my short term target as well.


GRMN breaks out today. It has been featured in my newsletter for couple of days.

Technical problem

I've had hard time to access Blogspot this morning. Overall it is a good day for the bulls, considering yesterday's strong rally.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


One of my intraday picks today, $39 is the buy trigger.


One of the Semiconductor leader. It was featured in my newsletter.


It finally breaks out after two days's consolidations. The green arrow is my buy pt.

One tough market

Yesterday I thought the breakout would be fake, today we almost get it all back. Down, up; up, down. Does it mean we will have a down day tomorrow? Nevertheless, one of my concerns of this breakout was lagging performance of the Semiconductors, today the Semiconductors outperforms and it turns out to be the savor. Now we need the volume to catch up.


Finally breaking out. The green arrow is my buy pt.


I suggested it yesterday in the chat room, it continues to rally today.


I suggested CSCO yesterday. Never think I would suggest it:) So 90's.