Thursday, March 31, 2005



Watch list

The following stocks from yesterday's newsletter are making huge move today: able, boom, antp, dcai, itri.

Good morning

This morning we have a minor profit taking after yesterday's huge relieve rally. From the articles I have read most gurus don't believe this rally is going to last. It is "window dressing" or "one day rally". I like this kind of comments. More doubt market players have, longer the rally will stay.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Let the truth be told

Can we hold on the gain in the last two hours? I think we can. In the mean while, volume is running ahead of the pace of the last few days as participants do a little bargain hunting after the March swoon.


Investor’s Intelligence reported few bulls in its latest survey - now 51.6% say they are bullish (down from 53.6%) and 28% say they are bearish (up from 27%). AAII members also are in the bearish camp as 41.9% call themselves bearish, 34.8% said they were neutral, and only 23.2% said they were bullish.

Selling DCAI

Selling DCAi here at $21.9 for a quick 2 pts or 10% gain.

Buying DCAI

I started a long position in DCAI, which reported a monster quarter this morning. The stock has been hammered from $33 to $16 in one month. It is due for some sort of bounce. Posted by Hello

Strong opening

So far this morning we have a strong opening. Leading sectors include sox, internet, airline, and networking. Can we hold the gain towards the close? This remains $64,000 question.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More decline ahead

We had a minor bounce yesterday and this morning. When the rebound failed, buyers exited in a hurry, the result is ugly. We are going to have a washout in the coming weeks that will set up a decent rebound in the future. If possible, take vacation or stay away from the market. If not, just stay on the side line like what I have been doing for weeks. Have a wonderful afternoon and see you guys tomorrow again here at

newsletter sample

Hello traders:

Market continues its weak condition, even though it is getting oversold and it might bounce any day now. I remain on the sideline, with "wait and watch" attitude. Remember, at this present time cash is the king. Reserving capital is our first goal. So if possible, you should stay away from the market or take a vacation; if you have to trade, then focus on one or two stocks with tight stop. Now it is too late to get short, but it is too early to go long.

Let's get to market leading averages and some individual stocks if market turns higher from here.

Retail sector has been strong lately, besides BEBE, URBN, SHLD are on my radar too.

One pick still performs well that is DAVE.

Good luck and see you guys tomorrow at UCLATRADER.BLOGSPOT.COM

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quiet, quiet, quiet

market remains quiet with slow volume. I can hardly find any candidates to go long. Sleepy.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Final hour

Though I am encouraged by the strength of the market today, I am still not convinced that the downtrend is over. Dow still outperforms NASDAQ, which I am concerned. We need rotation out of industrial sectors into technologies. Too much to ask for?

Indonesia is hit by earthquake again????

8.2 earthquake hits Sumatra at mid-session. Market holds steady with slow volume.

Techs are strong

Technology stocks are strong this morning with internet and retail leading the way. Goog, sina, ntes, bebe, urbn are all on my radar. I started a long position in dave as said in yesterday's column, and I started a long position in goog and sina as well. Hans has some profit taking, I am keeping an eye on it, don't want my profit slip away.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Watch list 3/28/05

I might initiate a long position in DAVE on 3/28/05 if it clears the trendline with strong volume. Posted by Hello

One of the strong stocks on my radar

a current leader on my radar, keep an eye on it. ( I have a long position) Posted by Hello

Current market condition

This is the daily chart of NASDAQ. The trend is obviously down. My current strategy is mostly in CASH position. I am patiently watching the market, waiting for the bounce and looking for the leaders. Posted by Hello

Who am I?

I am a full time, home based equity and future trader. I started trading in 1997, even though I have a economic degree from UCLA, I always use technical analysis as my main trading weapon. For the past eight years, I could say I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Asian monetary crisis, LTCM crisis, South America crisis, internet bubble, 9/11 could not eat me alive, they made me smarter and stronger. I keep absorbing any market related knowledge as much as possible and have formed several personal trading strategy. Trading is the best small business, now with my experience and knowledge, I would like assist everyone of you to succeed in this business.

First post

This is my first blog. I hope that this blog will help individual investors to beat the stock market, which has been tough to most of market players since 2000. Most text books, newspapers, or magazines tell you "buy low, sell high", "value investing". To me, this is so wrong. This deadly seed planted by our media causes most small investors to lose money. My task, this website's task is to train individual investors to think like traders, because trading is the only way to beat the market for the small market players, like you and me.