Monday, June 6, 2005


People always ask me for the stock tips, they want to make a killing in the market. They don't know that investing without rules is like throwing darts or gambling. There are strategies can be used to profit from the market on a regular basis. They just need to find their own paths to beat the market. Luckily trading can be taught, traders can be trained. The most famous story is how Richard Dennis taught his "turtle traders". Though I am certainly not Richard Dennis, I want to share with you my trading philosophy and experience by this blog and I hope my blog will make your learning process easier and shorter.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up man!!! I'll be watching your moves and try to learn from it. Please try to journal everything. Okay?

More power and best luck to you!!!


i will try my best. and thanx for the nice words.

MyFriendFate said...

Wow, 10 years trading full-time. I hope I get there someday.

I've been reading a book called the Disciplined Trader, and basically it is 90% psychology/physics, and 10% trading, I really doubt day trading is something anybody can learn. Some people's minds just don't operate in a manner conducive to successful trading. Thats just my opinion though, maybe I will research the Turtle traders you mentioned.

Keep on bloggin.


it varies from a trader to another. i m not targeting to a fixed monthly return. my target is to earn more when mkt is good, lose less in a bad mkt; my target is a good annual return. over 200% in 04, over 60% in 05, so far over 30% in 06.