Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese comes to rescue?

If everybody are dreamed of Chinese saving the world, I would pour some cold water. Chinese stock market just experienced its own bubble being poked in 08, down more than 70% from the peak. It is normal to rebound some after such nasty decline. Though Chinese government has started a massive and more efficient rescue plan, I would still think its recovery road will be like us from 01-05. It is in a big bear market as we were in 01. Remember we are still at the bottom of it even after 8 years' struggle. So I think China is the temporary hot topic to support a rally that the bulls are badly searching for, but it won't resolve our own problem, since this upward movement in Chinese stock market is short term, just a bounce in a bear market.


Anonymous said...

why do u think the chinese stock market just a rebound? can u give us a time frame?


because the decline was way too big, from 6000+ to 2100, any rally before breaking to a new high is a rebound. time frame to new high? maybe in 10 yrs!