Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jerry Favors

Do you remember Jerry Favors, the African American technician who often came on CNBC on Fridays back in late 90's? He is an export on Elliot Wave and Gann's theory, which I first heard of from him and till today I still know so little. During the horrible days of bursting bubble, everyone looked to him on Fridays hoping for a bullish prediction and searching for a possible bottom. He was like a guiding light. But after year 2000, he seemed disappeared from the television, also slowly from my memory. I did not know why CNBC no longer invited him, he might be a figure welcomed in a bear market.

Anyway, yesterday I googled his name and found out he has passed away in 06. I am sad not only we lost an excellent technician, but also lost a memory.

This is his page.


QQQBall said...

I think some of his interviews may still be available at the archives at


Thank you. It is so nice of you!