Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael is gone!

I could not believe what I had seen on the top of page of Yahoo yesterday morning. Michael has gone at age 50! This is sad. I don't care about his sex scandals, I don't care about his cosmetic surgeries, I do care about his music, which brought me the sweet memory of my youth. I grew up with his music and his movie-alike MTV, I was a kid carrying a Walkman all day, I was a kid raised under Rock & Roll invasion. I could watch his "Billy Jeans" video several times a day without getting tired of it. I collect the music videos from Michael Jackson to Madonna, from Bon Jovi to Aerosmith. You will not understand how precious they were in China where was still not that open to the outside cultures back in late 80's. Michael Jackson and his videos opened the first door to the Western world. Now he disappears from this world forever that reminds me how old I am and how fragile we are. People can be gone just like that. Treat yourself better, treat your friends and family better. They are the meaning of you being alive. Love you, Michael, love you forever! Your music lives on!

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